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TMA Uniform Policy


Uniform Philosophy

The primary objective of the uniform policy is to give priority to the development of the inner-self over the outer-self (Romans 12:2). Therefore, the criteria for the uniform policy helps promote modesty, respect, safety, and discretion. Students are expected to arrive at school in uniform and stay in uniform throughout the day. Parents must cooperate with the school in enforcement of the uniform policy by purchasing clothing items according to the uniform policy. The recognized supplier of TMA’s uniforms is Lands’ End.

Uniforms should be neat, clean, and modest in style and appearance. A student’s appearance must be suitable and appropriate for school, not outlandish or distracting. Hair should also be neat and clean. The Administrator and the Vice Principal are responsible for the determination and enforcement of these standards. There may be specially designated “dress up” or “dress down” days where uniforms may not be required. Notifications will be published in advance of these special exception days.

For a complete and current list of uniform guidelines please see the TMA Uniform Policy in the Parent/Student Handbook. (Summer of 2018)

We have a school uniform re-sale store.  Check with the school office for more information. (Fall 2018)

Student Uniforms

Why do we require uniforms?

  • Gives The Master’s Academy a distinct and visible identity in our community
  • Accords with biblical standards for modesty in dress
  • Eliminates clothes-related peer pressure and expense
  • Makes student dress easier to manage for parents, students and school staff
  • Research confirms that students who wear uniforms perform better in behavior and academics

What does the uniform look like?

Lands’ End was selected for the quality of the uniform clothing they supply. TMA has used Lands’ End in the past and was very satisfied with customer service and the way the uniforms held up year after year. 

We will offer a resale avenue for the uniforms so that parents can purchase uniform items that are still in good condition, for about half the price of the original cost of the item. 

For specific uniform requirements, check the Parent-Student Handbook on RenWeb or visit the Lands’ End school uniform portal.

What else do I need to know when buying uniforms?

  • All garments must meet our uniform criteria
  • All clothes must be modest
  • Clothes must fit in a non-revealing way
  • Clothes must be neat and clean

Where can I buy uniforms?

  • The official supplier is Lands' End and the link below will take you directly to our customized site for these stores
  • You can purchase certain uniform wear from our School Uniform Store using the school number 90006839. (Fall 2018)
  • K3, K4, K5 & 1st grade will have different requirements for Forest School.